USBThere Complete Phone Charger Lock Kit

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Unlike a single charger, the USBThere system actually locks your charging cord and cube in place with a special security screw.

The kit installs on any outlet cover and secures your charger in just seconds!

Lock it. Leave it. Love it!

Your USBThere kit includes:

  • USBThere bracket
  • Security screw and key
  • 3.2 ft. retractable 3-in-1 USB charging cord (Apple, Android & Type C)
  • 5V 1A charging cube

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Complete Kit Includes:

  • [1] USBThere Bracket
  • [1] Security Screw
  • [1] Security L-Key
  • [1] 3.2 ft Retractable 3-in-1 USB Charging Cord (Apple, Android & Type C)
  • [1] 5V 1A Charging Cube

The USBthere Complete kit is compatible with standard outlet covers.

7 reviews for USBThere Complete Phone Charger Lock Kit

  1. Todd stadler (verified owner)

    I’m not the type of person that “needs” things but this product was greatly needed! I work from home and every morning the 1st thing I have to do is find which of my kids took my charger to their room when I just want to drink my coffee and get started. 3 bedroom searches later and I can finally start. NOT ANYMORE!!! Thank you USBThere!!!

    • USBthere

      Thank you Todd! We are so happy to help you get your mornings off to a great start so you can enjoy that coffee without having to go on the “where’s my charger” search. ha!

  2. Lisa S

    I’m loving this product! I don’t have anyone in my household that takes my charger, but I do have co-workers that “borrow” my charger when I’m not at my desk. Although I always seem to track it down and get it back, this has proven to be a polite HANDS OFF MY CHARGER message.

    • USBthere

      Thank you for your review! We appreciate it and love hearing about the uses for USBthere outside the home as well!

  3. Laura

    Every time I needed my charger, it would be gone. My boyfriend would move it and I would go on a mad hunt for it. It became infuriating when I no longer could find any charger in the house. I was actually looking for cheap replacement chargers and found this, figured why not try it out, if it doesn’t work at least it is still a charger. Well it does work, the plate goes over the charger and screws directly into the outlet cover! What a great idea! The charger works, and the retracting cable is awesome. I’m so happy it works, its so nice coming home and knowing my charger will be there. No more stolen charger!

    • USBthere

      Thanks so much for our review, Laura! It’s not always the “kids” who are guilty of swiping the chargers. So happy we were able to help you win the “Where’s My Charger” battle once and for all!

  4. Amy

    Just “installed” my USBthere (it took all of 30 seconds or so). What I love about it — besides the fact that no one can swipe my charger — is that the different chargers attached mean that I can charge my iPhone and my Kindle at the same time.

    • USBthere

      It is super easy to install and YES! We are so happy you’re loving the 3-in-1 charger feature too. Thanks so much for your feedback Amy!

  5. Courtney W (verified owner)

    This product fits all of our needs… phone charging, headphone charging, charger NOT disappearing and you can even use your phone while at charging because of the retractable cord! I highly recommend everyone have at least one of these in their house!

    • USBthere

      Wow! What great feedback! Thank you so much Courtney for taking the time to let us know your family loves it! We appreciate you and your business!

  6. Toma M.

    Amazing! I just installed ours and now I am ordering 3 more (one for my office!). I wish I had this years ago as I think about all the chargers I have had that have disappeared!

    • USBthere

      Hi Toma! Thank you so much for your kind words — excited to help you solve the ‘where’s my charger’ mystery once and for all! 🙂

  7. Hazel S

    Now our kids will not be fighting over chargers anymore! This is wonderful! We have lost at least 2 to 3 chargers a year… till now! Thank you!

    • USBthere

      Thanks so much for taking time to leave a review, Hazel! We are so happy to hear that USBthere is the simple solution for missing chargers in your home too!

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